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Bioska Biodegradable Mulch Films

Bio Mulch Film is an ecological and environmentally friendly material for agriculture that helps farmers to improve farming productivity. Plastiroll has been manufacturing Bioska Bio Mulch Film in Finland since 2003.

Black mulch film warms up the soil, and helps to prevent growth of weeds.

Bio Mulch Film is used e.g. for crop forcing (early harvesting) and weed prevention, since it accelerates growth and retains water in the soil.

  • Saves time
  • Reduces costs
  • Accelerates growth

Bio Mulch Film doesn’t have to be collected after use for disposal or recycling, but and can be plowed under the soil, where it will compost without leaving a trace.

Bio Mulch Film is available in black or black/white.

Bioska Loves Wind Power

Our Bioska family of biodegradeble products is manufactured exclusively with wind power. This reduces Plastiroll’s annual CO2 emissions with over 1,000 tonnes a year.

We also utilise the waste heat generated in our production process by reusing it to heat our manufacturing facility.




OK Compost Vincotte Bioska Films (PDF)