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Bioska 506 - Transparent Bio
Packaging Film

Plastiroll has developed a new kind of 100% biodegradable Bioska packaging film, which is perfect for packing vegetables, fruits, root vegetables and other food produce. The film is clear and transparent.

Transparent bio-film is certified according to EN13432, and does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMO-free). The film is easy to seal and printable.

  • Reduce food waste
  • Less packaging waste
  • Reduce need for waste management

Uses AND Benefits

The Bioska film will reduce the need for packaging, and the materials be discarded with food waste into the biowaste fraction.

Transparent bio-films are also suitable for wrapping of flowers, magazines, and other non-food products.

The film’s breathable composition prevents condensation on the inner surface of the film, which means that vegetables keep fresh for a longer time. The film extends the shelf life of fresh produce and creates tangible savings.

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The product’s mechanical properties can be tailored according to the customer requirements by combining several biomaterials.


OK Compost Vincotte Bioska Films (PDF)

Bioska Loves Wind Power

Our Bioska family of biodegradeble products is manufactured exclusively with wind power. This reduces Plastiroll’s annual CO2 emissions with over 1,000 tonnes a year.

We also utilise the waste heat generated in our production process by reusing it to heat our manufacturing facility.



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Bioska 506 Transparent Packaging Film