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Bioska Dry Toilet Inliners

Bioska Dry Toilet bag makes dry toilet maintenance easier and more hygienic. Bioska DryToilet can also be used in freezing dry toilets.

Bioska bags can be used with most dry toilet models on the market.

The bag is specifically designed for this application: it makes emptying the waste container easier, and allows you to reuse the waste material more easily.

The biodegradable bag can be discarded into the compost heap or container along with the waste.

BioskaPlus biowaste bags are made for biowaste collecting in domestic and professional kitchens, garden work, home composting and dry toilets.

The bags perform extremely well in the process of most waste handling companies.

Bioska Loves Wind Power

Our Bioska family of biodegradeble products is manufactured exclusively with wind power. This reduces Plastiroll’s annual CO2 emissions with over 1,000 tonnes a year.

We also utilise the waste heat generated in our production process by reusing it to heat our manufacturing facility.