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Rock – Bioplastic coated and laminated packaging materials

The Rock series offers a wide range fully compostable and biodegradable products made of renewable raw materials. Materials are produced by co-extrusion and laminating technology.

All Rock materials are heat sealable, glueable, and provide an excellent resistance to water and grease barrier, as well as good moisture barrier.

Rock materials are ideal for food packages where excellent grease barrier or water resistance is needed.

Rock products suit a variety of different applications. Our client have use the film for example in following products:

  • disposable cups
  • packages
  • paper bags for organic waste
  • planting and seedling boxes

Our experience as a manufacturer of bioplastic films reaches over a period of 15 years, and based on this know-how of bioplastics we are able to further develop new biocoatings for papers and boards.

Our coating products can always be further developed to suit the exact need of your company or project. Our product experts are more than happy to work with you in order to develop the perfect product.